14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at web design agen

14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at web design agen

Producing Your Own Web Page is Easy-- A Tutorial (Part 1).

Yes, it is easy to develop a websites though you are not an IT professional or a person who is involved in IT things. A basic web page is made up of simple HTML tags or codes and HTML is simple to discover.

After going through this tutorial, you will find out the best ways to create your very own websites for your site. This consists of the following subjects divided into 3 (3) parts:.

Part 1:.

Summary of a websites.

Creating a web page design template.

Positioning undetectable comments to your code.

Creating a single or double spaces.

Producing a purchased list and unordered list.

Placing an image.

Part 2:.

Producing tables.

Using CSS boxes as website layout.

Part 3:.

Connecting other pages and other sites.

Utilizing CSS in styling your websites.

Let's discuss here the Part 1:.

If you are new to html, I am now telling you that a web page is merely developed with html tags. Html tags are shown as and . Look at the outline of a websites below:.




Here you will position the title of the page. The texts here are displayed at the upper left of a web browser or websites.





Here you will carry out the design utilizing design meanings you have made in the "style" section. Without putting anything here the page will be blank except for the title that will appear at the topmost left of the page. You will also position here the material of your site. It might be mixed of texts, images, audios and videos.



The above should be conserved as a html page with extension of html or htm. Click File-- Save as-- type mywebpage.html or mywebpage.htm in File Call-- Select All submits as file type-- Click Conserve. Go to windows explorer or file manager and open the file with your internet browser.

As an important note, your homepage or the starting page of your site should be named as index.html or index.htm. This will be very first page when your website is called without defining a specific page. In html, you need to conserve your index file as "index.html" or "index.htm".

I would like you to make a simple web page design template. We will utilize this for practicing the html codes that we are going to learn later. In above mywebpage.html, https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/19465201-the-history-of erase all codes you typed earlier and type the following:.

My Web Page

If you unintentionally close this file, you can open it by browsing the file, right-click it, click Edit or Open with Note pad or its equivalent. To see what it looks like on the web, simply refresh the internet browser usage when you opened the html summary a while ago.

Web developers normally put remarks in some of the codes for future referral particularly for editing. It will be simple for you to discover what you're looking for when you are updating or editing your html codes. These comments are shown only in raw html codes or in your html editor but not on the web page or web browser page.

For instance:.

<!– website building tutorial starts here –>

Building your website is easy. Simply learn fundamental html codes and you're done. Don't be afraid of html codes, they are easy to discover. When you start discovering html, you will request more and more ... therefore and so forth ... up until you become a specialist web developer.

<!– website building tutorial ends here –>

Type the above in your mywebpage.html in between body tags. Conserve it by clicking the Save icon or Submit-- Conserve.

Now, refresh your internet browser for the above html file. See? Yes, you cannot see your remarks between <!– and –>. So, for your recommendation and easier modifying of your codes in the future, don't forget to put your comments.

If you want to break a line or create a blank line space, use this break tag . See how it is utilized listed below:.

This will break affiliatemarketing from word "affiliate".

This one will break this website from letter "web".

This one will result in a double line space search engineoptimization from the word "engine".

You type this within the body tags of your mywebpage.html, conserve it and refresh your web browser. Yes, the sentence is broken and 2nd row started with "marketing" the word before the break tag. The word was likewise divided into two with the next row started with "site", broken from word "website". The two successive break tags created a double space in between "engine" and "optimization".

This works when you are identifying or listing something. See the illustration below:.

Bought list.

    This is Ordered List.


  • Item 1



  • Product 2



  • Product 3


Now type the above in your mywebpage.html within the body tags, wait and revitalize your web browser and see the outcomes. See? It's sequentially numbered. Now, here is the unordered list:.

Unordered list.

    This is Unordered List.


Now type the above in your mywebpage.html within the body tags, wait and refresh your browser and see the outcomes. Now, it's not numbered. It remains in a bullet format.

You may put an image to your web page by placing these codes where you like the images to appear in your websites:.

image description

< img src= "http://your-domain-name.com/image-directory/image-file.gif" alt =" image description "height ="???" width ="???" border ="???"/ > Taking a look at the above html codes:.

" img" is the image html tag;. "src "is the source or the path of the image file with extension of gif, jpg and png;.

" alt" is the alternative text description in case the internet browser

could not display an image;." height" and width are the dimension of the image;." border" is the summary of the image.

Change the above domain name, image directory site and the file name with yours. Change the worths of "alt" with your own description.

Change the values of "height" and "width" with your preferred dimensions of your image in pixel without distorting it. The size of the image will change based upon the dimensions you defined. Repairing the height and width of the image will make it fill faster;.

Change the worth of the "border" with the border thickness you chose. 0 is no border.

To attempt the above, get an image from your file and copy it to the directory where your mywebpage.html is located. Now, type the above codes in your mywebpage.html however change the src=" http://your-domain-name.com/image-directory/image-file.gif" with src=" image-filename". Conserve it and revitalize your web browser to see exactly what it looks like in the web internet browser.

Continue with Part 2.